What Car Stickers Are The Best?

vinyl sticker printing

Stickers are one of the popular and most effective ways to advertise a product or to convey a message and car stickers are even better in this aspect as wherever the car travels, everyone on the way and in the area is able to look and read the sticker. There are number of places on a car where the car stickers could be used, be it on the bumper or the windows or back and there are number of kinds of the car stickers as well. The vinyl sticker printing is also the kind of the sticker which are used to make the car stickers. There are other kind of car stickers as well and knowing the type and the features of each one of these help you identifying that which is the best suited for you.

Digital car stickers:

Car stickers which are digitally printed using various cutting techniques such as the die cut or the kiss cut are known as the digital printed car stickers. These are manufactured by number of sticker printing shops as well as by vinyl sticker printing. These come in variety of shapes and could be made into custom shapes as well. These are then laminated to give them final finish and to make these more durable against environmental factors such as moisture, sun and even wind. These are perfect for car stickers. Some manufacturers also use the UV lamination especially for the stickers such as car stickers to prevent the fading of the colour and text from the UV rays of the sun.

Clear car stickers:

Clear stickers are the kind of the stickers that could provide both the front and the back adhesive and these are ideal for putting the sticker inside of the window glass. You could have it designed in whatever manner you desire and then could put on your car.

Silkscreen stickers:

These kinds of the car stickers use the spot colour method of printing that is one of the traditional printing methods for the stickers. This kind of the technique colours the sticker in layers and for each colour the entire sticker is painted. This gives an interesting colour pattern transition and design and could be used for number of colours. Standard silkscreen car stickers use at most four colour layers. These are also made using vinyl and vinyl is a material best suited for the car stickers because of its resistance to the environmental factors as well as the durability. These also provide the smooth applications and could be also easily be curved according to the surface and therefore, could be used on the motorcycles as well.