What Are The Different Materials Used In Making 3D Letters?

3D means three dimensions. The technology has been improving day by day and people are coming up with new, creative and innovative ideas for decoration and to attract people. There are different techniques in the market that has been adopted to grab the first attention of the people as we know, first impression is the last impression. So, whatever it is, the logo, the brand name or the tagline or the interior of the place, if it is creative enough and have tendency to grab the attention of the customers then you are successful at first step. 

3D Signs: 

The brand name that has been put at the first place has a huge responsibility for attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers. The new marketing activities has been involved in doing so. The 3D signs have turned the whole picture upside down ad people are more towards in adopting the 3D technology in making their logos and other things to attract people as it is the most attractive and glamourous way to get the customer’s attraction. 

The good point of using 3D technique is that it can come in different material and people can choose the material according to their own choice as per their affordability. There are five kinds of material that has been offered to the customers for making 3D letters. The materials are mentioned below. 

Metal Logos: 

Metal letters are no much expensive. Anything can be made using metal material. The logos, the names of the company or any other thing. The weight is a bit heavy but the results are amazing. The material can be used are Brass and Stainless Steel. The lifespan is high as it is difficult to break or destroy. 

Acrylic Letters: 

Acrylic is another kind of plastic material. The weightage of this material is comparatively less. It can come in any size and colour. The choice is solely depending upon the customers. The life span of acrylic is less it get scratches on it after a lapse of time. 

Foam Letters: 

It can be made out of formic sheet. It is comparatively no weight. The life span of formic signs in Melbourne is less because it can be damaged if someone scratch or pinch it tightly. 

Gold Letters: 

It is comparatively expensive because it is gold plated. It looks so elegant and classy. The life time of gold letter is high as no one can destroy it neither it gets any scratches on it. Stick on Signs has been successfully running business by offering stickers and 3D signs. We have creative staff who can make different style of 3D letters to satisfy the needs and demand of the customers at affordable prices. a-frame-signs