High Quality, Affordable Australian Valves

Knife gate valves

Knife gate valves give the vital disengagement from suspended solids in frameworks with profoundly gooey, destructive and grating liquids. HPV offers four unique models of blade door valves, all made in Australia and excellent for your activity. There are various sorts of blade entryway valves:

KGI series blade gate valve

Our knife gate valves are made in Australia and are confided in overall by numerous enterprises that need to keep up with wellbeing, quality items, and low expenses. With our accomplices, we purchase and supply:

The highlights of the KGI Series are:

  • Body completely fixed with link organ
  • Full port, self-cleaning plan
  • Non-retractable seat
  • Additional thick entryways
  • No breaks

KH series knife door valve

The KH series is a two-way high-pressure knife gate valve, effectively utilized in high-thickness following metal applications. These valves are tried, and replaceable delta and outlet diverters make these valves rotatable.

  • Zero Leakage
  • Full Port Design
  • Additional Thick Gate
  • Stimulated Gland Packing
  • Scrubbers protect the gland packing

Blade Gate Valve Hy-Seal E Series

The Hy-Seal M Series are unidirectional, metal situated Knife Gate Valves. These are exceptionally well known valves and are utilized across a broad scope of utilizations. Constructed and tried to MSS-SP81 these uncompromising valves can be changed to endure high temperatures.

  • Live Loaded Gland Packing
  • Full Port Design
  • Diverter Cones In Ni Hard and Polyurethane
  • Flushing Ports Can Be Fitted
  • Scrubbers Remove Scale Build-Up on the Gate

Specialist for butterfly valves in Australia

Our entire variety of butterfly valves extends from trendy reasons to excessive carrier fashions used for isolation and throttling applications. It consists of resilient seated valves for lengthy carrier lifestyles and bubble-tight shutoff; excessive overall performance valves able to temperatures. HPV is your accomplice for the turn of events, produce, and overall dispersion of modern butterfly valves Australia. HPV Australia’s valve experts can supply a full scope of elite execution butterfly valves Australia to meet client determinations. We can supply concentric, twofold offset, triple offset and cryogenic valves in the rib and twofold rib types.

Why pick us?

Our valve group can offer specialized help to convey quality strong butterfly valves at a lower all out cost of possession during quick completion times. Notwithstanding the HPV assortment, additional types of butterfly valves might be obtained in an immense assortment of substances comprehensive of strong iron, flexible iron, treated steel, PVC, and FIP thermoplastics. Our valve experts can convey butterfly valve Australia additional items and subordinate product comprehensive of riser expansions, gearboxes, and programmed valves with both electric controlled or pneumatic actuators to shape the application.