Handling Contaminated Automotive Refrigerants

To most automotive refrigerants experts by now purchasing refrigerants is complicated than the way it is used to be. Even when R-12 was the refrigerant which was used in town, many experts noticed systems that had been contaminated with air. Today, there are new cars that are using R-134a refrigerant and other substitutes reaching the market there are various types of refrigerants that experts may handle on the job this makes A/C service to be complicated.

EPA needs any car that is retrofitted from R-12 a new label that is identifying the new refrigerant in the system should be placed and new fittings which are unique to the refrigerant it is a must for them to be attached to the ports of A/C system. These requirements do not solve the whole refrigerant identification problem. Your shop might encounter a car that been retrofitted but has not been relabeled well.
Checking of refrigerant pressure does not guarantee that you can be able to know the refrigerant is contaminated or a brand that you do not know about. If you are after cheap car batteries in melbourne, go to this link.

You might also find a contaminated system that is composed of blend refrigerant that shows pressure the same to pure R-12 and R-134a. Buying a refrigerant unit will help to pinpoint various refrigerant identification problems and EPA recommend that experts should obtain this equipment. The identifier can be used in confirming whether the hydrocarbon refrigeration supplier is sending is pure and not contaminated. The equipment that you are going to select depends on what you are planning to do when you notice that refrigerant in the car is not pure. For instance, if you decide to turn away the client with a contaminated system a cheap identifier that will tell you whether the refrigerant is going to be sufficient for you.

A unit that will help you in identifying chemical composition of refrigerant is a very important diagnostic tool. There are some models that will help in identifying flammable substances that need special care and handling safely. There are other models that will tell you how much air is in the recycled refrigerant so that you can use the models in determining whether the air cycle feature on R-12 is operating well. Excess air will lead to false readings. But keep this in mind that sophisticated diagnostic units cannot be able to identify all the combinations of chemicals that are used in blend refrigerants. Identifiers that are being sold today in the market can be able to identify R-12 and R-13.

In future equipment manufacturers will develop equipment designed in identifying all substitute refrigerants that are being marketed today. If you want to perform r600a replacement it is good that you hire somebody who is experienced enough in this area. Thou there are some people who perform the replacement on their own hiring an expert is good because he is experienced enough in carrying out the replacement. Finding replacement experts is not hard because most of them have advertised themselves online with the services that they offer and how much they charge for the services.