Benefits Of The Finger Plus Oximeter

In order to measure how much amount of the oxygen carried by the blood you need a finger pulse oximeter. It is a very small equipment or device that is to indicate the level of presence of oxygen in your blood. With finger pulse oximeter check your oxygen level easily without sucking in the needle the level of the blood oxygen that is measured from your blood with the help of finger pulse oximeter is called your oxygen saturation level. A percentage of oxygen your blood is carrying as compared to the max limit it is capable of carrying is also known as a raw definition of oxygen saturation level. In it is considered as normal if 89% of your blood is carrying oxygen in it.

Why it is important to check?

This term might be new for you or maybe you are an expert who knows everything about oximeter. But let me consider those who just listen the word “finger pulse oximeter” and start thinking that why you need to measure your blood oxygen level. Let me tell you few reasons why you should need to have an eye on your blood oxygen level:

  • If you are suffering with lung dieses, then possibly your blood level will be lower than the normal person. The very important fact to know is that with low oxygen level on your blood, your body cells have very hard time to work properly. Like in car fuel support the car to travel long distance smoothly, just like that oxygen is your body’s gas and with low gas your body can’t work properly and smoothly.
  • Low blood oxygen can also affect your heart and brain 
  • Your body need oxygen saturation level upto 89% to work out smoothly, it is important to have a proper check of oxygen level in blood in order to avoid any damage in future

How it works?

If you are like me, having a curious mind about every new thing, and if you have an itch to dig into the details of the equipment you are going to use. Let us be an ointment to your itch by explaining the complete working of finger pulse oximeter. An oximeter comes in both sizes, either a small unit with built in fingerprints clip or also in handy size, easy to hold and carry, this device has a probe connected to it that is applied on your finger toe. The small unit is shoddy in price and more practice approach for use in home.

A beam of light is pass through your finger toe by the device, intended to have a purpose to find out oxygen level in your body. The beam of light is uses is red in order to measure the percentage.

Should you get an oximeter?

Most of the people do not require oximeter, only those who are prescribed by doctor to own an oximeter, have this equipment at their house, to find out is their oxygen level is fine or not.