Advantages Of 2 Horse Angle Load Floats


2 horse angle load float

The 2 pony point load float was made to be either an open 2 pony straight stacking float or an agreeable 2 pony point load. Our pony floats are totally aroused and built of plastic, so they won’t rust. Our pony floats are lightweight and smoothed out for further developed eco-friendliness. The 2 Horse Angle Load Float can be outfitted with sinks, bunk beds, tack boxes, portable yards, and other accessories. The Royal can also be used as a straight load float for larger horses or just to have more room for your daily needs. Why not add a couple of home solaces to make life out and about a piece simpler?

Characteristics of a 2 horse angle load float

The 2 Horse Angle Load float is our most popular horse float and the best all-rounder due to its feature set that appears to be ideal for the majority of customers. Because it can be fitted in so many different ways, we affectionately refer to it as the locks. It has a huge powder-coated steel basket on top and a sturdy swing-out tack box that can be left outside when the tailboard and rear doors are closed for camping. It has a mudguard tack box, a full-length enclosed spring pin-fastened rug rack, and a front tack storage compartment with removable saddle racks for all your horse equipment when you’re outside. The two horse angle load float is completely enclosed, lockable, and has safety breakaway, four-wheel electric brakes, three-way pop-up air vents, swing-out rear barn doors, and stallion head dividers. It is regarded as the best towing float on the market and is stowed on a load-sharing roller rocker suspension. We would be happy to meet you and help you find a float that best suits your and your horse’s needs, whether you want to buy the horse outright or use the very attractive loan package provided by our finance partners.

Sale of premium 2HSL floats

Our product keeps the horse cool on those long, hot days because it is constructed of a plastic material. The sturdy material is the same as that used to construct water tanks. The difficult circumstances on NSW roads had to be considered when building a horse float for them. All of our horse floats specifications and sales are available. We offer a variety of 2HSL floats for sale at Regency Floats. We construct our horse floats to last and can deliver them anywhere in NSW. Call the helpful staff at regency float for assistance if you are unclear of what Horse Float would be best for your horse. The regency floats offers a broad variety of possible upgrades, however we do advise discussing what extras you might like in your horse float before you buy it because it will be more affordable to add those features while the horse float is being built. Please visit for more information.