Acne Treatment Mistakes That Worsen Your Skin Condition


The main responsibility of any acne treatment method is to alleviate the condition and enhance the patient’s personal health. However, some methods have a tendency to make your condition worse. This does not happen due to incompetency of the physician or the inefficiency of the method. On the contrary, it happens due to your own carelessness. Your inexperience in dealing with the matter makes you try out things that worsen your skin condition. The following are some such mistakes that you need to avoid during the process.

Since the skin condition is caused due to bacterial infections, your physician might have suggested you to wash and cleanse your face regularly. This does not mean that you should overdo it. When it comes to cleansing, you need to do it gently. If you apply to much pressure on your skin, it can cause further damage and result in more pimples. So, make sure to be gentle with your skin.

Unless you are opting for best laser acne treatment, you will not be able to see any immediate visible changes on your face. Antibiotic prescriptions and home remedies will take some time to work. In this case, you need to be consistent with your efforts. If you stop taking the medication abruptly or take it once in a while, it can affect the effectiveness of the medication. If you wish the condition to go away, you will have to be consistent with the consumption of the medication.

Waiting too long
Although sometimes the condition disappears on its own, at certain cases it can deteriorate over short period of time. If you notice an unusual development in the condition, you need to refer to a physician immediately. If you wait for too long, you will have to use more complex and expensive methods such as laser acne treatment. But if you identify the condition and visit a physician at the early stages, you can cure the condition with regular medications.

Using too many products
Just because your dermatologist that certain creams and lotions can reduce the severity of the condition, it does not mean that you apply them all at once. These creams and lotions contain a variety of ingredients. If you apply all of them at the same time, it can result in a negative chemical reaction and worsen your condition. Therefore, do not use any lotion or cream without consulting a physician first.  Furthermore, you need to stop picking at the pimples too. If you keep poking them, the condition will keep worsening. This makes the overall treatment process a waste of money.